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MODEL: AHSR-500W AHSR-1000W Features: Vacuum system. Showing the finest straight line through the monitor 180ºRotating plate.
MODEL: ASTCW-215 / NA-66               ASTCW-215 / NA-75 The equipment apply the pulse type heater to titanium chip for specified temperature control. System controlled by microprocessor. With the combined of turntable make the operation in flexible. Temperature and time are display and monitor on screen in real time mode. FEATURES: (1)Two stages of temperature can be set-up with the program.The head rapidly decrease the temperature after Reached the maximum range.The products are fully welded and will go up to the initial stage. (2)Available control through RS-232C for auto production line. (3)Seven different types of bonding condition can be stored in memory. APPLICATIONS: 1. Reflow soldering FPC, connector and coil wires. 2. Thermo compression. 3. ACF ...
MODEL:HS-3000W Applications: Electronics: For welding the electronic board of calculators, causing of multimedia speaker. Packaging: For double-faced PVC packaging and sealing of carbon cartridge. Buttons: For nylon and rubber buttons forming
MODEL: HSP-3000W HSP-5000W FEATURES: The machine is controlled by PLC with full auto function, Plastic seal with constant temperature controller. The soft plastic materials such as PP、PC、PE、ABS and PVC are available for fusion. The examples in application are electric teapot、iron、medical and water-proof products.
This serial has the constant advantages as other ultrasonic welding equipment, in the mean while, it has significantly enhanced in automatic draw-in process, ultrasonic welding and cutting operations etc. aspects. It has brought significant automatic revolution into underwear industry, bu using the consistent operations, it can fully replace the traditional labour-intensive production line, to save the production and labour costs for enterprises. The fully-automatic machine concordance a series of working procedures: ultrasonic cutting; draw in the 8-shaped buckles; draw in the 9-shaped buckles; sewing machine sewing/ ultrasonic welding; reverse drawing in; ultrasonic cutting. To provide customers a more quickly, more comprehensive, more efficient automatic wear button work procedures. The...
Application: Thank to flexible design of the equipment, Customer may purchase the X.Y.Z equipment individually and install with other kind of head According to the product's required for their own field.
MODEL:RBT-1200W, RBT-1600W Features: Apply ultrasonic in cutting operation in result of intact and perfect at cutting edge. Operation program can be entered monitored via the touch-screen panel. Material is derived by servomotor with high accuracy and speed. The length of ribbon tape is easily alighted through panel. Operation system allows either Chinese or English Language as advised by customer's order. Optional function of tape colledtion is customized to install for operation easily.
MODEL:ECT-1200W, ECT-1600W Features: Apply ultrasonic in cutting operation in a result of intact and perfect at cutting edge, different length shape can cut by customers request.
MODEL: ABT-1200W ABT-1600W ABT-2000W Features: Drive by stepping motor, optical sensor for position advance and high performance in welding. Control by microprocessor with operation easily and safety in a result of high efficiency in processing. Working pieces deliver by robot arm with eight working stations. Rotating plate can be indexed to 180º / 90º / 45º. High speed in processing. The cycle time up to 20 pieces in every minute. Applications: 1.Electronic field: Calculator casing, recording case and speaker case etc. 2.Toy field: water gun, telephone, gift and plastic toys etc. 3.Domestic products: torch, portable telephone battery, power socket, power plug, switch and power adaptor etc. 4.Daily products: Cosmetic, lighter, optical case, thermo battle and stationery etc.
The machine has made a huge innovation in traditional pet leashes field. We have updated this machine to full-automatically operation, which decreases the number of workers sharply and cut the expense hugely.    When  using  this  machne, at first, the machine will cut down the nylon strap, then with the method of bevel angle on the head of strap, choosing the preset length of label and transmitting to the ordered place automatically, which will weld on the surface of nylon strap. Next, the manipulator tightens the head of strap, transmit to the hole of steel crochet and reverses to the opposite side.  After that, the manipulator will clamp the strap and steel crochet, which will transmit them to the sewing machine with a multi-shape sewing. At this momen...