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Content: - Digital linear encoder - Add an additional signal, with the automatic production. power: 40kHz - 400W, 800W 20kHz - 1200W, 1700W, 2200W, 3500W Welding modes: weld by: digital time- model TG               digital time and/or constant energy - model MG               digital time, constant energy, and/or distance - model TG*                 *requires optional linear encoder Features: 1) multiple job storage 2) digital force triggering 3) calibration pulse prior to every weld cycle 4) back-lit LCD display 5) ultrasonic load meter scale 6) upper and lower weld limit settings 7) RS232 serial port printer output 8) optional  PLC I/O ports 9) soft start overload protection ...
MODEL: P40 Power:700W-1000W Frequency:40KHz Specially suited for delicate assembly, watches and electronic components field etc. 1. Applied the higher frequency make working parts increase the integrity in welding. 2. Auto frequency controlled. Welding time: 0.00-99.99sec Holding time: 0.00-99.99sec Throat Depth: 200mm Dimension: L:420mm W:500mm H:1000mm Rated current: 5A Net weight: 50KG
MODEL:P201 Frequency:20KHz "Ultra Sonic Seal" introduces its new "heavy-duty" 20KHz ultrasonic welding presses, model P201, created specifically for more demanding plastics welding applications, Both presses feature a super-rigid design that decreases the potential for press deflection by up to 30%. This enhanced design provides for significantly larger part size and force requirements, and also includes significant engineering upgrades for superior performance and precision. Notable design features are highlighted below with additional press information and dimensional data on the reverse side of this information sheet.
Specification: NEW MODEL:MT-1500, MT-1700, MT-2200 Power: 1500W-2200W Frequency: 20KHz welding time:        0~99.99 sec           holding time:    0~99.99 sec delay time:            0~99.99 sec           reburst time:     0~99.99 sec upper time limit:     0~99.99 sec           lower time limit: 0~99.99 sec energy setting:       0~999.999joule upper energy limit: 0~999.999joule      lower energy limit:0~999.999joule Throat Depth: 250mm Dimension: L:420mm W:650mm H:1240mm Rated current: 4A/10A/15A Net weight: 85KG   Features: 1. Main board manufactured in USA with wide range of power for selection. 2...
Specification: NEW MODEL:BT-1600,BT-2000,BT-2500 Power: 1600W-2500W Frequency: 20KHz Welding time: 0-5sec Holding time: 0-5sec Throat Depth: 150mm Dimensions: L:700mm W:450mm H:1300mm Line  current: 8A Net weight: 75KG   Features: 1. Car industry: Indication lamp&panel cover. 2. Electronics: For casing of calculators、cassette tape & Hi-Fi speakers. 3. Toys: plastic items. 4. Electrical items: plastic torch 、batteries for mobile phone and transformers. 5. Daily necessities: Cosmetic mirrors、lighters、glass cases and thermo cups.
Specifications: Power output :700 Input voltage: 200-240 VAC / 50/60HZ Line current:4a Frequency: 40/20 khz (optional) Pneumatic requirements:  0.3~0.5mpa Dimensions: 450X410X155 mm (L*W*H)   Standard Features includes: constant energy mode automatic frequency tuning good part / bad part output signal Upper and lower weld quality setting Amplitude and power adjustable Repulse ultrasonic
Specifications: Power output :700~6000(optional) Input voltage: 200-240 VAC / 50/60HZ Line current:4a~35a Frequency: 40/20 khz (optional) Pneumatic requirements:  0.3~0.7mpa Dimensions: 800X500X750 mm (L*W*H)   Features: American main board and converter with auto frequency tuning system and adjustable power output. Stainless steel table-board, with grating protection to avoid false stepping. Premium effects in cathode tabs welding, with moulds' work life beyond 200,000times.
Horns: We use imported high-quality steel, apply advanced processing technique, the work life of grinding for on single side can reach  more than 100,000 times, which has a raise up compared with domestic like products. We also undertake various tool and bottom die manufacturing, repairing service, and provide all kinds of ultrasonic parts and components.
Specification:MODEL: EH-5000 Vibration Frequency: 200-250Hz Working station dimension: 48" (L) x 22" (W) x 22"(D) Inch   Features:The EH-5000 liner vibration welder is designed for assembling large shaped parts, automobile industry domestic industry and plastic industry etc. 1.For large and/or irregularly shaped thermoplastic parts. 2.Self monitoring function, amplitude, weld time, hold time, delay time and pressure are independently for optimized welding. 3.Design and supply in tooling and fixtures for customers required. 4.Can be used for assembling multiple small parts simultaneously. 5.The equipments are designed and manufactured in USA.
MODEL: HVS-500 POWER: 500W Flexibly designed for small parts welding riverting, ribbon tap jointing and inserting. Suitable for auto production line assembly application. Designed and manufactured in USA.
MODEL: MTR PP Material of assembling cylindrically shaped thermoplastic parts. 1.With high speed motor for rotary friction welding technology. Specially suited for parts made of semi-crystalline materials. 2.Speed are available controlled from 0 to 1750 r.p.m. 3.Applied multi function computer in system control and pneumatic control in brake and clutch. 4.Two speeds in spin application and speed display function.
MODEL: HS-500W HS-1000W Applications: Suitable for small parts sealing. LCD display of calculator and electronic toy display module. Electronic LCD product and zebra connector sealing.