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Congratulations! A New Machine came out!

Date: 2017-01-08
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     We always spare no effort to make some researches in the automatic machine field. At the beginning of this year, under the leadership of our general manager and the hard-work and persistence of all our workmates, we are successfully to develop a whole-new machine——Automatic buckle drawing-in, label sticking and sewing machine for pet leashes.  

     The machine can save cost and shorten work time for enterprises. Every machine can replace 6 persons' work. and produce two 1.2 meter pet leashes every minute.

    The closed type shell was applied to the machine so that workers can supervise the procedure throughout transparent shell. In addition, it has straightened the stability and safety by installing photoelectric eye equipment. What's more, a special steel blade was applies to this machine. This blade will not out of shape even in 500 degree Celsius over  a long period of time. More importantly, the edge is clean and smooth without any burrs.

    Therefore, this machine is a huge innovation and a milestone in this field, which made a huge contribution in automatic age.