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Company Profile for Tung Po


Our Company was founded in 1987 in HK, in the business of manufacturing and selling ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding systems as well as other related products. Our factory moved to Shenzhen in 1998. Also we acted as a sole agent for American brand ‘Ultra Sonic Seal' in China since 2001, responsible to sell its products in all series. In recent years, to optimize and upgrade our industrial structure, actively answer the call of industrial automation, we spare no effort to develop new automatic machine and have made great progress. Until now, our company have succeeded in developing 3 kinds of machine which specially used in underwear/swimwear/pet field respectively. They are automatic buckle-wearing machine for lingerie strap, automatic  buckle-wearing machine for swimwear strap and automatic buckle-wearing machine for dog leash. Among them, the automatic buckle-wearing machine for lingerie strap has won “2013 Hong Kong Awards for Industries- Machinery and Machine Tools Design Award” and patented for design and utility model.

 Also, we are able to offer customized production line for various plastic manufacturers and provide our customers with proper equipment to generate the best results. With a team of professional and experienced workers, we are readily to serve your needs and help you improve your working efficiency. Our ultrasonic welding machine are applicable to garment industry as well as toy, electronic, appliance, medical devices and automotive. Moreover, our ultrasonic metal welding systems exclusively deal with lithium battery processing, specifically speaking, it is used to making positive and negative pole for lithium battery. The positive pole generated by integrating aluminum sheet with aluminum sheet and the negative pole generated by integrating nickle sheet with copper sheet.

  In 2007, we successfully got the innovation and technology fund from HK government and fully applied it to develop high-power ultrasonic transducer parts with a well-known research institution, so to progress intelligent equipment systems & professional precision automation equipment. In 2014, we obtained “Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales” from Hong Kong government which aims to help small and medium-sized enterprise to expand market share of new products.

  We will uphold "integrity, professionalism, innovation and harmony" principles and ready to serve our customers better, also, we will continue to upgrade and optimize our product, meet new challenges and opportunities more confidently!